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About "Tacíček / Daddy"
One of our first songs. It is a song from the Záhorie region from the time when soldiers were
recruited even against their will and if any young lad ran off, soldiers would hunt him down.
Now, that wasn’t very nice, was it.

In the pretty Saint John forests
Cuckoos are cuckooing
The Saint John officials
Are hunting boys for recruitment
They are standing under a window
And plotting against a lad
Come out, young lad, just a little
Your girl is calling you

A handsome lad in a barn
Curries black horses
And looks around
What brings his girl to him
I’m bringing you an earnest:
Shackles, a chain, and a lock
And now you’ll march
Right under the Nitra Castle

A handsome lad in a barn
Cleans a horse
And looks around
For his father
My dear old father
Worn from work
When I should be helping you
I must go to war

The Saint John officials
Have no hearts
They ordered
Some red wine
And when they finished it
They had a counsel
Which lad
They shall recruit

Banda  is a world-music band from Bratislava (Slovakia), founded in 2003. The band plays traditional folk songs in contemporary arrangement. The members are renowned folk musicians with long-time experience in folk music and other genres. The band’s music is based on genuine, authentic roots of Slovak folk music. It is then also inspired with other music genres – old m... more
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