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Asgeir Asgeirsson
About "Runnin Upp Sem Rósin Blá"
A little know Icelandic folk melody arranged in 5/8 with amazing Persian flavor.
Asgeir Asgeirsson: el-guitar, bouzouki and synth bass
Hamid Khansari: oud
Sigríður Thorlacius: vocals
Bamdad Maleki: tombak
Ali Abedin: santoor
Aryan Rezaee: daf
Sara Rezazadeh: setar
Hooman Roomi: kemence
Bahar Modiri: Qeychak
Sahar Ebrahim: kanun
Ali Asghar Arabshahi: tar

Originally a coincidence led Asgeir Asgeirsson, a
jazz/pop guitarist and a household name on the
Icelandic music scene, to start studying the music
of Bulgaria back in 2010 where he fell in love with
music of Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
Asgeir has since travelled to India, Iran, Turkey,
Egypt, Morocco, Greece and Bulgaria for studies.
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