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Photo by: Argentina

Born in Spain

Artist Nominated for Latin Grammy Awards 2013

Since the summer of 2006, this young singer from Huelva (Huelva - Andalusia - Spain, June 1984) fulfilled the dream of publishing their first album. Artistically, the life of Argentina María López Tristancho, artistically known as ARGENTINA, has taken a complete turn. Her stage name is personal, inherited from her paternal grandmother. Few debut records are remembered with such an impact on a Flamenco artist, but it seems that this time, talent and luck have joined hands for this young woman who is living an absolutely sweet moment. These months have only just endorsed her good start: her work deserved the Critics Award for Best New Album while topping the charts of the major radio formulas of Andalusian music: number one on Radiolé and repeatedly on Canal Fiesta, and a reissue of the album with remixed songs to celebrate this good reception, which has also been backed up by television appearances on "La Noche de Quintero" or "Bendito" with María Jiménez, in addition to its live recording for the "Concierto Radio 3."

And meanwhile, Argentina shows that she is not only a singer of one album, reaping enormous success also in her live performances at venues such as the Festival De Cajón and the Fiestas de la Mercè in Barcelona, Bienal de Málaga en Flamenco, Flamenco Festival Pa'Tos in Madrid, and in Huelva, Seville, and Zaragoza.

Far from even being close in time, there are already numerous performances by the peñas of Andalusia and her formative stage at the Cristina Heeren Foundation in Seville. Performances where Argentina has been making an artistic tour, waiting for her opportunity, which has now safely arrived.

In 2008, we must emphasize, among others, the great successes in the summers at Madrid's Festival de la Villa in the beautiful setting of Jardines de Sabatini, Gran Teatro Falla in Cadiz, and Bilbao's Semana Grande.

At the beginning of 2009, she made a great tour full of successes in Valladolid (Spain Café), Barakaldo (Teatro Barakaldo), Burgos (Main Theater), Vitoria (Civic Center), Logroño (Breton Theatre), Madrid (Teatro del Canal), Albacete (Circus Theatre), and Granada (Alhambra Theatre).

On April 24, she received the VIII NATIONAL AWARD "FLAMENCO ACTIVO - CIUDAD DE ÚBEDA," a very important award within Flamenco, which would attach to the leading artist of those who have gone through the AUDITORIUM OF ÚBEDA between 2006/2008. On June 19, she performed in the Courtyard of the Council of Seville in a wonderful Iberian-Portuguese encounter with Teresa Salgueiro. On June 20, she performed in the Auditorio Alfredo Kraus in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, closing the Arrecife Festival of Music. On June 27, she first walked the stage of the prestigious Festival Flamenco Joaquín el de la Paula in Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville). In July, she visited Ceuta on July 3, a festival of many years of existence. On July 9, Mont de Marsan was the first stage Argentina treaded in France. An International Flamenco Festival, one of the best organized in the world, with a tremendous reputation earned through the years. After Mont de Marsan, there was a concert in Huelva called "Music by the River" at the Columbian Festivities. Faced with Argentina, over 4,500 people were conquered by her voice, giving her an ovation that did not stop throughout the concert. She was accompanied by eleven musicians on stage, and the people stood up, confirming the great success.

The summer of 2009 was an endless series of concerts for our protagonist, which brought her much closer to the general public during the tour. Her name grew and grew. But at the end of 2009 came the big news of the year for Argentina: on December 20, she released her second album, "The Mines of Egypt." The presentation to media and friends took place at the Quintero Theatre in Seville a few days before, on December 17, with great impact. Just after the release of the album, Argentina received the news that she had been granted the PUBLIC AWARD 2010 FLAMENCO FOR HER CAREER AND CONSOLIDATION IN HER YOUTH. Prestigious annual awards organized by Canal Sur Radio.

In 2010, her unstoppable progression continued; the album was nominated for the best flamenco album by UFI (Unión Fonográfica Independiente). She presented the album with great success in many places, including the Canal Theatre of Madrid, at the Suma Flamenca Festival, Seville Flamenco Biennial, Flamenco Festival of Almería, in the Alcázar of Jerez de la Frontera, and, of course, in her homeland, at the Gran Teatro de Huelva.

In 2011, Argentina continued climbing the ladder in her career, presenting a show that would bring her many joys. "Sing a Trip" achieved much success in its presentations at Teatro Cánovas in Málaga, Jardines de Sabatini in Madrid, and Barcelona Auditorium, which she decided to take to the recording studio to be known by all. During the same year, among many other concerts across the national geography, she debuted in South America, representing Spain at the fourth Ibero-American Culture Congress held in September in Mar del Plata (Argentina). The success was complete and opened the door to development in the Americas.

In 2012, Argentina began the tour in the first part of presenting her next scoop and new album "Sing A Journey," which she wore and others to important theaters such as Teatro Lope de Vega in Seville, the Cervantes Theatre in Málaga, the Gran Teatro de Córdoba, and the Festival of Santander. The resounding success garnered headlines like "A performer of Gold," "Argentina successfully opened her suitcase in Seville," "Argentina dazzles with her new album," "Estrellita de Oro," "Cheers of Storytelling to Argentina in Córdoba," etc. By September 2012, the new album "UN VIAJE POR EL CANTE" was expected to be launched.

".................... Her performance in the Plaza de la Catedral de Barcelona before more than 4,000 people has done nothing but reaffirm my view that this is an artist who is poised to become a leading figure of singing."

Ramón Rodo / VANGUARD Journal (September 2007)
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