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Genre: world-fusion
About "Dhikr"
composition, arrangement, editing and all instruments by Anello Capuano except violin (Brian Canatsey) and vocals (Jasmine).
Instruments list: Oud, Saz, Santur, Ney, Violin, Acu Bass, vox, Darbuka, Daff, ethnic perc and synths.
Dhikr is the name for a spiritual group practice in the Islamic world where the name of God is repeated while undulating the body to the rhythm of loud, powerful breathing.
The song has 3 distinct movement: first an ad lib instrumental section (Ney, Oud, Saz) known in the Arabic tradition as Taqsim. Then the first theme is played by the Oud and the Violin followed by improvised sections with Ney, Oud, Violin and Vocals. And last the second theme and consequent improvised sections are played in a slight faster tempo on a layer of 2 Persian Santur and Oriental percussion.