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October 10/19/20, 2020
Reading, Rhythm, and Raga Masterclasses Reading, Rhythm, and Raga
Matthew Montfort's Masterclasses at Blue Bear School of Music Online

Ancient Future leader Matthew Montfort taught music at the Blue Bear School of Music for over two decades. This fall, he returns to teach three virtual masterclasses!

1. Learn to Read Music by Studying Classical Guitar Technique
Rise Above Reliance on TAB!

November 3 to December 8, 2020, Tuesdays from 8:30 to 9:30 PM, Have Fun Learning to Read Music through Classical Guitar Technique, Blue Bear School of Music Online. Guitarists are often good at reading TAB, but poor at reading sheet music. This six week class by Matthew Montfort will get you started learning to read standard music notation, while at the same time introducing foundational classical guitar technique that you can also apply to other styles of playing. You'll learn simple etudes and classical pieces, great for boosting your fingerstyle skills while actually having fun learning to read music!
Tuition: $160.
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2. Got Rhythm?
World Beat Workshop Returns to Blue Bear Online

November 4 to December 9, 2020, Wednesdays from 7:30 PM to 8:45 PM, World Beat Workshop, Blue Bear School of Music Online. Matthew Montfort’s Got Rhythm? six week workshop is presented in an easy to follow, entertaining, yet educational format for all music lovers. African polyrhythms, Balinese kotèkan and Indian classical music are presented because these traditions cover the major types of rhythmic organization used in most of the world's music. This training from Montfort's book Ancient Traditions -- Future Possibilities: Rhythmic Training Through the Traditions of Africa, Bali and India can help anyone with a desire to improve their rhythmic skills.
Tuition: $200.
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Get Rhythm!
Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities: Rhythmic Training Through the Traditions of Africa, Bali and India by Matthew Montfort.

This classic "world beat bible" by Matthew Montfort takes the student on a musical voyage through the ancient rhythmic traditions of Africa, Bali, and India with a series of exercises that require no instruments to perform. Interesting, imaginative and fun, these rhythm exercises will be of immense help to all music lovers, not just percussionists. The new downloadable companion set of MP3 audio guide and MIDI groove tracks of the exercises in the book is set up for playback on Mac and PC computers, tablets, and smartphones.

3. Indian Raga for Western Musicians
Improve Your Improvisation Skills Through Melodic Training

November 5 to December 17, 2020, Thursdays from 6:15 to 7:30 PM, Indian Raga for Western Musicians, Blue Bear School of Music Online. This six week masterclass by world fusion pioneer Matthew Montfort will help you improve your soloing in any music genre from rock to jazz to free improv through melodic training. Learn the emotional power of each interval and how to construct meaningful melodies through the tradition of Indian raga. Open to all instruments and voice.
Tuition: $200.
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