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Ana Alcaide
About "La Cantiga Del Fuego - El Viaje"
LA CANTIGA DEL FUEGO- EL VIAJE (The Song of Fire-The Voyage)

Traditional Romani

‘A great journey is a reflection of who we are. It forces us to shed layers, to become aware of who we are and to discover our true self. It allows us to hear the powerful ancient voice that continues to echo within us. La cantiga del fuego is the voice that has always been there and that guides us on our voyage of self-discovery.’

Ana Alcaide's music has been described as the 'Toledo Soundtrack'. She has played a pioneering role in introducing and popularizing the nyckelharpa in Spain -a traditional Swedish instrument that dates back to the Middle Ages.

'Fans of Celtic powerhouse Enya's early work will likely dip into Spanish singer, songwriter and musician Ana Alcaide and find a reason to rejoice. Hitti... more
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