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Ali Hugo
November 11/29/19, 2019
Hope For The Meek

Ali Hugo is a recognizable name in the indie music circles, one which increasingly needs no introduction. Hugo has been back in the music scene since 2015 and in that time, Hugo has been able to achieve 3 number one hit singles in the North American indie charts and “This Love Is True” became a number #1 Global hit single in the Global indie charts. Recently Hugo has been working on a new album titled “Hope for the Meek”. The album is a blend of Christian Rock, Gospel Music, Jewish Hymns and Islamic Qasidah. This new work is a radical departure from Hugo’s 2018 Gold-certified “Time Machine” EP. With “Hope for the Meek”, Hugo is inspired by the commonalities in the three monolithic faiths which trace their roots to the prophet Abraham, they are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Although the lyrical content of Hope for The Meek is spiritual, the music is radio-friendly straight-up pop music. The album is being released on Hugo’s Belief Records label. The first single from the album “Marching Saints” was supposed to be released this Christmas Eve, however, Phoenix FM in the UK picked it up early and prompted Belief Records to make the single available for streaming on various platforms before the official release date. So how does “Hope for the Meek” differ from the previous [Time Machine]? For one thing, there is a commonality between both records and that is they are both based on Hugo’s personal experiences. As far as “Hope for the Meek” is concerned, in 2000 AD Hugo picked up Karen Armstrong’s A History of God, a book that has had a lasting impact on Hugo. “What really struck me was the fact that many people view the three religions as being very different from each other instead of focusing on how the three are revealed by the very same source” “What Armstrong put across to me is the sequential theological progression of understanding the almighty through history’ ” As an artist, the book has definitely had an inspirational impact on the subject matters I want to write music about” is what Hugo conveyed when talking about “Hope for the Meek.”  Hugo affirmed that “Hope for the Meek” is certainly not the soundtrack of any theological book. “I’m sure that there are better musicians out there who are more qualified at undertaking the task of creating a soundtrack to a theological or historical book” “Hope for the Meek, is just my way of saying I’m fully committed to praising Adonai, Jehovah and Allah” “Hope for the Meek” highlights what I’ve learned from A History of God which is “He is the one same God with many names”. “Quite frankly, I wouldn’t even attempt trying to write a soundtrack to any book let alone a book which deals with the themes of theology. It’s not like it hasn’t been done before, I remember reading Kenny Loggins book “The Unimaginable life” while at the same time listening to the book’s soundtrack. I was quite impressed at how Kenny was able to do well on that project what he has done for movie soundtracks. At the same time, I remember reading somewhere what a challenge it was for Kenny to get the book publisher and the record company to agree on anything ”The market of “Hope for the Meek” is of a different segment, whereas “Time Machine” was targeting audiences of “80’s & 90’s retro radio shows” along with stations that play contemporary Music. “Hope for the Meek” is taking the approach of gaining airplay on Gospel and Christian music radio stations and stations that also play contemporary music. Judging from the popularity Hugo has already gained from the first single of the album ‘Marching Saints’ which is currently getting extensive airplay in the UK, “Hope for the Meek” is likely to achieve more success than “Time Machine”. Whereas Canada was the home base for [Time Machine], The UK is the home base for “Hope for the Meek”. Hugo’s first single from the album will be available on YouTube Music by Dec 23rd.


By Belief Records PR Machine


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Ali Hugo is an Omani/Canadian singer-songwriter. Ali started his professional singing career at the age of eight when he joined the family “LEO” band as the lead singer. In his teens, Ali launched the “Spin Around The Mall Tour” playing at various local shopping malls. After graduating from high school, Ali focused on developing his skills as a songwriter and studio reco... more
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