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About "ASERE US TOUR 2019"
Fragments of our last USA Tour 2019. More than 50 concerts. Most of them were Sold OUT.
Hoping you enjoy it.
Recorded live at the Downey Theatre in Los Angeles, California.
Jorge Quevedo-Violin 2
Jenny Padron-Violin 1
Yuniel Rascan-Tres/Guitar/Chorus
Adolfo (Fito) Florian- Tres/Guitar/Lead Vocals
Leonardo Bea Lopez- Guitar/Percussion/Choir
Abelito Sanabria Padron- E. Bass, Double Bass
Yoan Sanchez-Timbales/Bongos
Vicente Arencibia- Congas/Lead Vocals
Eney Aranda-Congas/Bongos/Lead Vocal
Ricardo (Piki) Fernandez - Lead Vocal/ H . Percussion.
Eikel Venegas- Trombone/ Trumpet/Chorus
Michel Padron-Trumpet /Coro & Musical Direction.

Mixed by Leandro Serraino