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1001 Ways
About "Born Free (preview)"
1001 Ways song "Born Free" is Tobias Huber's collaboration with Artists from Nepal: Rajani Kayastha on Back Vocals, Raman Maharjan on Banboo Flute, Babu R Maharjan on Tabla, Firoj Bajracharya on Bass. Thanks to Shyam Nepali.

1001 Ways is incorporating the old with the new. With deep lyrics and a large multicultural background they transport a musical vision of peace and tolerance to the world.The group lead by violinist Tobias Huber, who hails from a musical family (His Grandmother comes from the Django Reinhardt family). The other members are vocalist Yvonne Guldimann (HailingfromCameron) and Hilarius Dauag (Haili... more
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