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January 01/03/23, 2023
Zambe, an atypical talent Born October 20, 1989 in Togo, Zambé is a multi-talented artist. Songwriter, performer, guitarist, pianist and percussionist, Zambé has developed bewitching music, inspired by traditional African and mixed rhythms and songs with modern influences. This fusion of sounds and rhythms brings to his compositions a rare originality tinged with an undeniable authenticity. Koffi Efa-aboe OKOUMA of his real name, Zambé has a surprising voice charged with emotions. Sometimes clear and sometimes softer, violent or broken depending on the emotion conveyed by the melody he interprets. An exceptional percussionist, Zambé is an undisputed master of the talking tam-tam commonly called ATOUPANI, played all over the coast of the Gulf of Guinea and which was once reserved for initiates. Zambé through his music sings to us the colors of the soul. He sings in Ikposso, Ewe, French and English.

2009: Best Voice College Saint Albert of ATAKPAME
2013: Release of the 1st Album (Hotel EDA-OBA)
2016: Performance at the Beach Gospel Festival (LOME)
2017: Participation in the 8th game of the Francophonie category song (ABIDJAN).
2017: Presentation at the AGOA forum (Africa Growth and Opportunity Act)
2018: Honorary Distinction Prize for the Promotion of Culture in the Plateaux region at the PAMA (Plateaux All Music Awards);
2018: Participation in the MASA (Abidjan Performing Arts Market) singing category.
2018: RegSaf summit at the French Institute of Togo
2018: Nominated for the All Music Awards, ALMA, Special Awards category
2019: selection of the piece “fatinimè” by zambé for the Francophonie collection.
2020: Feel at home tour and participation in Goethe Live
2021: Participation in AFROFEST

Nouvelle terre 2013
feel at home 2016
Democracy 2018