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Influence: Balkan , East European
Genre: eurasian prog
About "Jove Malaj Mome"
Jove male mome, Jove malaj mome, "Jova, little girl"), also called Povela e Yova (Повела е Йова), is a fast Bulgarian folk dance. It is done to a 7/16 + 11/16 = 18/16 compound meter with alternating (sub-)bars of 7+11, in their turn divided into common chetvorno and kopanitsa rhythms. Some dancers count it as 3-2-2, 2-2-3-2-2 or SQQ-QQSQQ, "S" meaning "slow", and "Q" meaning "quick". It originates from the traditional dance Jove from the Sopluk region of Bulgaria.