Influence: Latin American , Oceanian
About "Wormhole"
This piece is very spacey and funky and It incorporates different rock elements like the drumming, synth, and rock guitar with exotic elements like the Pan and the mallets. Wormhole is a great break up of the Album being a around the mid point. It starts of with a cool funky synth Pad until a drum set Doubled by a electronic Drumset for Phatness enters with a Huge Phat Synth Bass, and a Heavily tremolo-ed single Melody Pan, and a Screaming Phased Lead Guitar. Then In the 2nd section the Synth Pad drops Out and 4 Breath Mallets start layering in from bottom to top creating a very emotional atmosphere. This is in Contrast to all other pieces on the Album where multiple Pans are the center and structure of the Piece while in this one it shares lead with a Guitar and The structure/Support is maintained by the Synth Pad or the Breath Mallets.