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The Ancient Eternal
About "Pscyho-Tropic Nebulae"
The 3rd piece on the album has a drastically different sound than the previous 2 with specific sections that sound very longing to parts that sound very waltzy yet in 4, as well as having very poly-rhythmic drum grooves and still maintaining a sense of hip-hop groove to them. Piece utilizes Two Different Electronic Drum-set Parts/Grooves the entire Piece (excluding break), A Picked Electric Bass, 5 Pans: Low, Low Med, Med, Hi Med, Hi; also Different atmospheric bell sounds.

The Ancient Eternal's music is focused around specific exotic and electronic instrumentation. Very colorful, cosmic artwork that gives a visual representation to what the music is. The music is very rhythmically diverse while still maintaining specific hypnotically catchy harmonic and melodic ostinatos in stunning fugue type arrangements. but with a beautifully modern and exotically charged twi... more
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