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About "Resonance"
This song came to me while meditating on a painting that hangs in my house by the incredible Martin Bridge, which eventually was transformed into the cover art for the upcoming TapRoots album, The Resonance WITHIN (OUT March 20, 2023). It depicts a giant tree playing the Earth like a drum, and I remember thinking, if this painting was a song, what would that song be about? I recalled teaching about how our own bodies are resonant chambers, much like that of a drum, and that in many traditions, drums themselves are just physical forms within which dwell ancestral spirits. In many ways, this song is about how we are all connected, in community with each other, and how we are all just resonant instruments to be played by spirit. It is a celebration of that spirit that TapRoots seeks to embody. The end of the song is a jubilation, and an expression of the community of both spirit and people that is created when we all come together in ceremony and celebration.