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About "Barbie Girl In Havana"
Before my band Hovedøen Social Club saw the light of day, I made some arrangements of well-known pop songs for Latin piano-quintet
(3 percussion, bass and piano).
in the old days, i.e. in the 40s and 50s, in the era of chachacha and mambo, it was quite common among Cuban/Latin bands to make versions of pop songs from the mainstream genre.
Here is a nod to the great Latin pianists of the time such as Bebo Valdes, Perucín, Charlie Palmieri, Noro Morales, Ruben Gonzalez, Frank Emilio Flynn and others.

So, imagine Barbie partying in the decadent and seething pre-revolutionary Havana. Then Aqua's "anthem" could have sounded like this - in a chachacha version.

Piano, bass, guiro - Sverre Indris Joner
Timbales - Eduardo Cedeño
Congas - Ruben Pirela "Chopito".
Cover - Mikkel Angelo Anchissi Joner