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Influence: West European
About "Seamus’s Moorchild"
Tommy Doyle’s ( J.Doyle) {J} ~ Moorchild (S.Tomkins) {J } ~ McQuillan’s (S.Hannigan) {M}
We borrowed Tommy Doyle’s from a great album, Double Play, by Liz Carroll & John Doyle. John wrote it for a family member.
Moorchild is a magical book written by Eloise McGraw that we read while driving to PEI on a memorable family holiday. Steafan’s glens folk are McQuillans. The rumours are they never ad a lucky clan march. He wrote this tune should they ever need one.

Viola, Bouzouki, Guitar, Melodeon, Darabuka, Tin whistle, Tambourine, Bodhrán, Uilleann Pipes