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About "Sue’s Strayaway Child"
Strayaway Child (Gorman-Barry) {J} ~ Hesleyside Reel ( T.Elliot) {R}
We heard Kevin Burke tell it this way...fiddler Michael Gorman read in the paper about a child who went missing and whose body was found days later in the woods. It moved him to write this beautiful tune.
“I remember Margaret Barry telling me with great pride, in the Bedford Arms pub in Camden Town, one night in the 50’s that she had composed a sixth strain to this jig. She always claimed it as hers and Michael never contradicted her in my hearing”-Bill Leader.
Steafan learned to play the Hesleyside reel on the Northumbrian pipes. He got it from the piping genius Katherine Tickell.

Viola, Cittern, Keyboard, 5 -string Banjo, Bodhrán, TinWhistle