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About "Cossack Line (live)"
Concert of the Shumilov Bor band on the first day of the festival
(XI Starptautiskais nacionālo kultūru festivāls "Ventspils vainags")
29 April 2023.

"Cossack Line":

00:23 Fog yarom (version of the song from the Kuban Cossacks)
05:16 Golymba + Coda (song by the Nekrasov Cossacks)
11:09 Black raven (Don Cossacks song)
14:28 And oh not by the sea (ballad of the Greben Cossacks)
20:51 She was travelling along the road-road (song of the Don Cossacks)
27:12 I'll saddle a horse (a song of the Cossacks of the Azov-Mozdok line)

arrangement -- Shumilov Bor