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Scott Jeffers Traveler
Scott Jeffers Band leader for Traveler, a world fusion music group. Violinist, composer, lead singer and performer.


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CD release - 2016

The Celtic Collection

Songs: 1. Calico Jack (Rackhams Reel) - Mutiny, 2012 2. Pirate Girl - Mutiny, 2012 3. Whinny Rigg - The Scotland sessions, 2016 4. Highland Road - The Scotland sessions, 2016 5. Cork Town Medley: Sin É / Mishka / Fiona's Field - Onward Journey, 2013 6. No Tomorrow - Mutiny, 2012 7. The Victorious - Symphonia, 2015 8. Hana Sweet Hana - Onward Journey, 2013 9. Inistioge - Onward Journey, 2013 10. Cliffs of Moher - Onward Journey, 2013 11.Celtica: I. McCrowleys Reel II. Wayward Jig III. Ride of the Norseman - Mongol, 2011, 2014

CD release - 2015


Scott Jeffers:On my continuing quest to play in all the world's ancient theaters, I find new inspiration for composition. My violin echoes from the stones with mysterious harmonic overtones, perhaps voices of past civilizations joining the song of timeless eternity.

Songs: 1. Symphonia 2. Our Yesterday 3. Morocco - Always Dreaming Of You 4. Taman Negara 5. Beautiful Night 6. Kadyanda 7. The Sun Will Rise 8. Kabak 9. The Victorious 10. Might As Well Be On the Moon

CD release - 2014

Winds of Ksar Ghilane Composed in the summer of 2014 during a month and a half trek through the beautiful mountainous regions of the Turkish coast, the secluded Gypsy villages of Transylvania and the solemn desert of Tunisia. The voice of these exotic lands speaks strong in the melodies, with some elements of deeply rooted American folk and blues gently woven in. A true reflection of this Traveler's journey.

Songs: 1. Gypsy Bird 2. All the Way To the Moon 3. If You’re Not Livin 4. Cows of Kilyos 5. Show Me a Sign 6. American Boy ( Persian Girl) 7. Vessel 8. Winds of Ksar Ghilane 9. Tunis Bazaar 10. Hitch the Wagon 11. Long Road

Traveler Christmas A very special collection of some of my favorite traditional Christmas songs; as well as original songs composed mostly on Christmas Eves and lyrical collaborations with family and friends.

Shall the Christmas Star Bring peace in your mind Shall the old-time songs Bring a sparkle to your eyes - Christmas Wish

Songs: 1. Shepherds and Angels 2. The Little Drummer Boy / Celebration 3. Christmas Wish 4. For This Child We Sing 5. Come All Ye Faithful / King of Angels 6. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / King Wenceslas 7. Gold Frankincense and Myrrh 8. Hoshana 9. Starry Night 10. Auld Lang Syne

CD release - 2013

Onward Journey Inspired and composed during Scott Jeffers’ 2013 travels commencing with milestone performances at the International World Music Festival in Fethiye, Turkey; including a stay in Istanbul, treks across the harsh deserts of Jordan and Egypt, and culminating with the contrasting landscape of the Emerald Isle, Ireland.

Songs:1. Cork Town Medley: Sin É / Mishka / Fiona’s Field / Shephards’ Trail 2. Istanbul 3. Hana Sweet Hana4. Dead Sea Song 5. Cliffs of Moher 6. Modaraj Romani7. Towards Eternity 8. Zivatar Után 9. Inistioge

CD release - 2012

Marrakesh - Acoustic Released Dec 2012 is a collection of songs mostly written on location in Morocco and Lebanon, and features guest musicians from Iran, Lebanon and Jordan as well as the Traveler performing line up. In this album, the artist vision was to bring to life the experience's of his travels and transfer it through the music. This is considered to be Travelers most bold step in fusing traditional Middle Eastern music with the classic acoustic Traveler sound. Using traditional ethnic instruments, songs sung in Arabic and English as well as field recordings of Moroccan snake charmers, fortune tellers and street musicians mixed in. Marrakesh will make you feel as though you've stepped through a portal into a foreign land.

Songs:1. Take You Away 2. Ala Ma’ak3. Marrakesh 4. Debke 5. On the Sahara6. Wadi Kadisha 7. Corsairs of Byblos8. Lost In The Labyrinth

Mutiny - songs of the sea Acoustic, Celtic, Pirate rock.

Songs:1. Mutiny2. Calico Jack (Rackhams Reel)3. My Son Jon: Traditional Pirate Sea Shanty4. Pirate Girl 5. No Tomorrow6. My Lagen Love: Traditional Irish Melody 7. Hall of the Mountain King8. Dead Man of the Deep

CD release - 2011

MONGOL An innovative high energy fusion of traditional ethnic styles with Rock. For this project Scott Jeffers (violinist, composer, Band leader) brought in musicians from India, Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland as well as his touring band with members that have roots in Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq. This combination makes for an exotic deeply rooted sound. Tracks on this album vary in influence from Turkis, middle eastern, Bulgarian, Greek and east Indian to Celtic. Also featuring traditional ethnic instruments from these areas as well as a full blown rock ensemble. This CD is a unique and powerful musical statement from the band.

Songs:1. Higher Power2. Roshani3. Awaken the Light4. Celtica: I. McCrowleys Reel / II. Wayward Jig / II. Ride of the Norseman5. Mongol6. Djunguritsa / Bulgaria 7. Hellas (Greek Medley): I. Hasapiko / II. Hasaposervico / III. Isiftetelli / IV. Zaibekiko / V. Syrto


A multi-cultural musical experience fusing Gypsy, Middle Eastern, Celtic, Greek and Turkish styles with Rock.

Band leader Scott Jeffers has traveled extensively through foreign lands to gather inspiration for the Traveler project. Composing most of his songs while surrounded by the people, sounds, sights, smells and landscape of these faraway places brings a true authenticity to the fusion.

Traveler’s sound is an innovative, new fusion of World Music and Rock. Using traditional ethnic instruments combined with all the power of a full blown rock band, their performances are intense, exotic and adrenaline-driven.

Scott Jeffer’s is composer and band leader. His own Lebanese heritage and American upbringing has inspired his vision to fuse elements of ancient ethnic music with rock.

He has traveled extensively through foreign lands to gather inspiration for the Traveler project. Composing most of his songs while surrounded by the people, sounds, sights, smells and landscape of these far away places brings a true authenticity to the fusion. Known for his fiery and passionate violin and vocal performances, Scott’s commanding presence onstage adds to the trademark power of the live Traveler shows. He also brings traditional instruments from his journeys to the stage; Bouzouki,a traditional Greek stringed instrument and an Arabic Oud, an ancient predecessor to the guitar.

The real magic of a Traveler show is in the connection they make with the audience. They give a high energy , passionate performance that draws the audience in, perhaps by the combination of the cultural connection people have to the ethnic sounds of their own heritage and this music that is so unique. For whatever reason, people are always moved to their feet, and drawn closer to the stage to be part of the experience.

Traveler spent the last summers headlining festivals in Alaska, Montana, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Canada and Turkey.

They also perform regularly in Arizona, where the band is based.


Las Noches Luminarias Festival at the Desert Botanical garden, Phoenix, AZ, Nov 18 - Dec 30, 2014

MIM Fest - Global Music Festival at the Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix, AZ, Oct 18, 2014

Robson Valley Music Festival, Dunster, BC, Canada, Aug 15,16,17, 2014

North Country Fair, Alberta, Canada, June 20-22, 2014

International World Music Festival, Fethiye, Turkey, May 7 - 11, 2014

International World Music Festival Fethiye, Turkey, May 3 - May 11, 2013Luminary Festival,Phoenix Az, 2013 (30 consecutive days excep 12/24-25), 2012, 2011, 2010Blueberry Festival, Alyeska Resort, Alyeska, AK, Aug 11th & 12th, 2012Salmon Bake, Denali National Park, AK, Aug 9th & 10th, 2012Tanana Valley State Fair, Usibelli Pavillion, Fairbanks, AK, Aug 3rd – 7th, 2012Southeast Alaska State Fair, Main Stage, Haines, AK, Jul 28, 2012Groovefest (Headlining), Cedar City, Utah, June 23rd, 2012, 2010Atlin Music Festival (Headlining), Atlin, BC, Canada, Jul 9, 2011

Tanana Vally Music Festival (Headlining), Fairbanks Alaska Aug 6, 2011Festival in the Park (Headlining) Kamloops, BC, Canada, Jul 16 The Island Folk Festival (Headlining) Vancouver Island, Canada, Jul 23, 2011Gypsy Strings Fest (with Tambur Rasa), Waldorf Theater, Vancouver BC, Canada, Jul 28, 2011Alaska Music Festival Haines, AK, Jul 30, 2011World Fusion, Foxy's Theater (Headlining) Whitehorse BC, Canada, Aug 10 Robson Valley Music Festival (Headlining), Mt. Robson, B.C., Aug 22ndYellowstone Music and Art Festival (Headlining), Gardiner, MT, Aug 31st,

Scott Jeffers Band leader for Traveler, a world fusion music group. Violinist, composer, lead singer and performer.


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