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About "Systrarna"
A Medieval Ballad from an island in the Baltic Sea

Produced by: John Wall, Scott and Johanna Hongell-Darsee ©® 2014 Scott and Johanna Hongell-Darsee.

Johanna Hongell-Darsee: Musical Arrangements, Concept, Research and Translations (Swedish/Old English) Vocals

Scott Darsee: Musical Arrangements, Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Recorded at: Wall of Sound Studio by John Wall, Albuquerque, NM

Engineered and mixed by: John Wall (August 2012 to October 2013)

Mastering by: Jason Blum at Sigil Media, Burbank, CA

Cover concept and photo: Scott and Johanna Hongell-Darsee

Graphic Art: Craig Berry

Finnish Swedish songs are used with the permission of Swedish Literature Society of Finland