June 06/20/23, 2023
Scott here- First, thank you to everyone who have enjoyed our offerings!

It was quite an unexpected surprise when we were contacted that we were "charting" in 2021! Now July 2023 and we've been listed every month for I believe 22 months straight!

We toured Scandinavia last year and now we are back in Europe and at the historic Spice of Life Pub and Music Venue in Soho... I really wanted to share my excitement about performing on the same stage that Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Paul Simon and other incredible artists have- even more rare as it specializes in Jazz now.

Please contact Substance Events 'The Secret Rapture' (listed on our Scott and Johanna Hongell-Darsee Facebook page) for advance tickets! Huge thanks to Shaun for booking us!

Please come up and talk to us after!

More to follow...