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About "Saulius Petreikis - The Wind"
Composition from the latest Saulius Petreikis album - Freedom is Calling.
Saulius about the album: For more than two years now my brother Donatas and I were working on this album and film. The majority of this music was written in solitude, while trying to comprehend the fragility of freedom and life in the unknown. Like for the most people this period evoked complex and contradictory emotions. Precisely these sentiments formed thecore of this album - Freedom is Calling. This record carries juxtapositions of serenity and uproar; love and loss; bliss and lament. Each composition reflects internal battles familiar to all and while I'm still learning to seize my own inner sense of freedom and strength my struggles are no where near to being finished. No matter how difficult it gets I always gather strength while taking refuge in nature which is always nearby. Freedom is Calling was created with lots of love and a vast team of musicians. We are very joyful to share this concert with you.

Freedom is Calling film consist of nine songs and conversations with the band members about the music, how it was created, what is it about. Documentary part is filled with videos and pictures from Saulius Petreikis past and extracts from the recording sessions. You can watch full concert-documentary film on our Patreon page -