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Discover Saulius Petreikis fresh album and join his Baltic tour

Dec 3, 2023
Discover Saulius Petreikis fresh album and join his Baltic tour After more than three years break, one of Lithuania's most renowned artists, multi-instrumentalist Saulius Petreikis, introduces his new album “The Gate of Dreams" and embarks on a special concert tour throughout the Baltics.

"The Gate of Dreams" is an album about escaping the rush and forgetting worldly troubles. Each composition, in its own way, guides the listener to a serene space where dreams warmly greet us. The album is dedicated to celebrating peace and reconnecting with oneself.

S. Petreikis explains about the backstory of the album:

In the past couple of years, I travelled extensively in every sense—exploring different genres and foreign countries. After active concert activities with my brother Donatas, we joined forces to refresh the musical program, searching for the key to continue our journey. This gave birth to the new album and the musical live performance program.

Starting on December 3rd in Luznava (Latvia), Saulius Petreikis and the band will tour 2 Latvian, 3 Estonian and 9 Lithuanian cities. The concert will include short interludes during which Saulius will present several different ancient instruments. The artist wants not only to show the instruments but also to encourage the audience to make music at home, for their own enjoyment. S. Petreikis emphasizes that in his concerts, there is no age censorship. Find the closest venue here!

Petreikis says:
Music, the abundance of instruments has a therapeutic, balancing effect on everyone, which is very needed in our fast-paced world. This musical program is important to me also because I created it with my brother Donatas, who is, in a musical sense, a part of me. We understand each other without words and want to share this message of creating unity with everyone.
The musical program will be tailored to each concert venue. Talking about the musical tour across Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania accompanying the new album, S. Petreikis says that the concerts will feature both new and a couple of older compositions dear to the performer and his most loyal listeners.

3 d. - Lūznavas muiža, Lativa
4 d. - VEF Kultūras pils, Riga
6 d. - Kuressaare Cultural center, Estonia
7 d. - Viljandi Traditional Music Barn, Estonia
8 d. - Põlva Culture center, Estonia
13 d. - Utena Chamber Theater;
14 d. - Culture Palace community center of Panevezys
16 d. - Kaunas Culture Center;
17 d. - „Laiptai Gallery“, Šiauliai;
19 d. - The Drama Theater of Žemaitė, Telšiai;
20 d. - Culture Factory, Klaipėda;
21 d. - Šilutė Cultural Center;
22 d. - Saint Catherine's Church, Vilnius (special concert for 700 anniversary of Vilnius);
January 6 d. - Alytus City Theatre;

Link to album - https://open.spotify.com/album/4GI6IRq6aCUKhmMkFxi9va?si=yk3v0XkfQ_mCk8BvezJgHQ
About the album:
“The Gate of Dreams is an album about escaping the rush and forgetting worldly troubles. Each composition, in its own way, guides the listener to a serene space where dreams warmly greet us. “The album emerged from a desire to capture a state of tranquility, connecting deeply with oneself and cherished loved ones. My parents sang various lullabies to me during my childhood. These are among the most vivid memories I treasure. Now, at this phase of my life, I too sing lullabies and narrate fairy tales to my children. This is the most anticipated part of my day. Sharing moments, singing, and reading together offers a soothing escape. After my children drifted to sleep, I would spend nights in the recording studio, trying to freeze that delicate moment when there's no rush, where it's safe, peaceful, and heartwarming. Simply capturing melodies wasn't enough. I aimed to immerse myself in every composition, devoting time to the arrangements and introspection. This creative journey felt like a path to discovering a renewed musical self. After almost four years, one June morning, I was overjoyed realizing this album had reached its conclusion. I'm profoundly thankful to the musicians and the entire team who stood by me and contributed to this creation. My heartfelt thanks to all.” - S. Petreikis"

Video clips:
"Mažutytė" embraces the beauty of world music and transports the listener to a meditative state of mind. A divine and dreamy place, so to speak, where one's avatar can sit on the grass, feeling their soul merging with the forests, rivers, and every piece of nature around. With the tasteful melodies of bansuri flute and whistle, it is almost like entering through the Gate of Dreams and leaving the city and its fast-paced life behind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDe_s2JFvrQ

"Sapnų vartai” is a blissful dream tune coated in the light of #meditative world music. The song radiates the sensation of infinite peace and security, the sacred state we experience in the mother's womb. Like two indivisible origins, synthesizers, accompanied by various melodies of wind instruments, and two vocals – male's, and female's – dwell in a unanimous beauty. Thanks, Vytautė Pupšytė (Manjari Lila dasi) for the help in the recording session. The video was directed by Vladas Novicki: "When are we in reality and when are we in a dream? When we dream, do we enter yet another dream? What is the journey of the dreamer? These questions became my inspiration.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9U0m8YzDNo4

After the first snow, I'm sharing a new track and video - Tyli Žiema (en. Silent Winter). It's a song about a pure feeling that often comes only in the hard frost of winter. I want to thank the whole team that contributed to the creation and realization of this song. I invite you to share your thoughts on this piece in the comments. The director of the video - Paulius Dragūnas - on the idea of the video: "I feel that in our society, older people have been sort of erased from the horizon. With this music video, I want to remind you of the incredible people who grew up, who rejoiced on this land of ours.” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2ih7N9ciLk