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Jul 14, 2023
SAULIUS PETREIKIS PRESENTS THE CONCERT FILM \ The first international world music festival in Lithuania - "Sun Music" - has been turned into a concert film. It features performances and conversations about music, creativity and concert activities by festival guests, full of warmth and good feeling.

"I believe that this concert will allow us to hear lesser-known musicians from neighbouring countries and broaden the audience's knowledge of world music," says Saulius Petreikis, the festival director. His mission is to bring together and nurture the world music community and promote music-making at home.

The musical part of the concert is complemented by short conversations with the festival guests about creativity, world music and neighbouring countries.

According to Viktorija Buivydė, Head of Development at the Teachers' House, it was great to see the sun and warmth from the festival's title land on the stage and then spread throughout the auditorium.

"After the concert, many people mentioned that they had been on a short holiday, as it were. There was an atmosphere of cosiness and friendliness throughout the festival. We invited the audience not to be afraid to bring their children, even though it was an evening concert. It was incredible how well they took to the music and were very exemplary spectators, sometimes waving and jumping in the aisles. We wanted our festival to be cosy and immediate, and the appreciation of the youngest audience members was the best proof that we had succeeded," she says.

A particularly important part of the events was the education for the whole family - a lecture by Dr. Eirim Velička on "What is world music?", Laima Jansonė (kanklės, Latvia), Kaspars Kurdeko (percussion, Latvia), Andre Maaker (guitar, Estonia) and Peedu Kass (double bass, Estonia).

The culmination of the festival in Vilnius Teachers' House was the closing concert in the Great Hall. It featured guests from abroad, and the evening continued with a joint performance by the participants, joined by musicians from Lithuania.

The organisers are also pleased to announce that this year will mark the third edition of the Sun Music Festival. World music evenings and educational events will take place from 8-12 November at the Vilnius Teachers' House and St Catherine's Church.

This year's events will feature bands from Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Lithuania. The detailed programme of the festival will be announced in the near future, and those who are looking forward to the festival can already buy a festival season ticket.

The concert was recorded and directed by Paulius Dragūnas.

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1ejI0osxio&t=1806s