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Influence: India , Middle Eastern
About "Shame - A Kakkarissi Story"
There exists discrimination in all layers of the society and we should accept it with shame.
(Kakkarissi is an old folk theatre art from Southern India and it depicts social criticism, satire etc.)

Written and Arranged by – Sachin Shankor Mannath
Tamil Lyrics – Meera Kamala
Vocals – Sachin Shankor Mannath
Featuring Folk Chorus – Dr Balashankor Mannath, Gireesh Sopanam, Komalan Nair G Sopanam, Sharon V S
Featuring Santoor – Anunaad Dalvi
Fiddle - Ciara Ismail, Rosie Langley
Percussion – Manu Delago
Piano - James Jayawardena
Bass- James Campbell

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