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Sachin Shankor Mannath - Ghats Of Gondwana
About "Intangible"
There are many things in life that are abstract; difficult to understand; yet they come to us anyway without our understanding.

Written and Arranged by – Sachin Shankor Mannath
Hindi Lyrics – Sachin Shankor Mannath, Preetika Dixit
Vocals – Sachin Shankor Mannath
Featuring Hang Drum - Manu Delago
Percussion – Manu Delago
Piano – James Jayawardena
Bass- James Campbell

Although we have unique cultures, languages and traditions,We share one thing in common.

We feel.

Ghats of Gondwana is a musical journey through the prehistoric supercontinent “Gondwanaland” and is a reminder that we are all connected. Singer and composer Sachin Shankor Mannath’s birthpace, the Indian state of Kerala, is the home of the Wester... more
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