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A kurdish traditional love song. Live recording - The University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
Fretless Guitar: Mahan Mirarab
Violin: Efe Turumtay
Kaval: Özgün Yarar
Percussion: Jörg Mikula
Vocals: Sakina
Recording, Mix: Abel Czinger
The kurdish singer Sakina Teyna (Trio Mara, Anatolian Quartett etc.) is embodying Anatolian music traditions as different blossoms of a common tree: with tenderness, full of an eruptive power, she is singing turkish, armenian, persian, her own and songs in all the kurdish languages, modest with western harmonies and laced with strains of Jazz and Latin. In doing so she invades layers of the soul which neither occident nor orient knows. An totally unexplored territory. In her adopted home Vienna she gathered a choice boyband around herself, each one a master and an aficionado in his subject: the persian Jazz-Wizard Mahan Mirarab at guitars and setar, the turkish violinist Efe Turumtay, the kurdish artists Özgür Yarar at kaval, ney and saz and the allways orient affine percussionist Jörg Mikula. As a political kurdish acitivist from the beginning on, Sakina Teyna is embodying a kurdish consciousness fitting in this age with her timeless chansons, which in the teeth of all obstacles and in a feminine, sophisticated and anti nationalistic way rescues a common Anatolian past into a human future. A future which we can all participate in.

Sakina was born into a Kurdish Alevite family in the small town of Varto in Turkey. As a teenager she started singing with Turkish choirs and bands, but it wasn’t until she entered university that she became acquainted with Kurdish musical traditions and set out to defy cultural assimilation. In 1991 she joined the Mespotamian Cultural Centre in Istanbul, a proponent of Kurdish culture, a... more
world, ethno, fusion, jazz
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