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Rodrigo Simoes
About "Mix For All"
"Mix for all"

This track is from the north-east brazilian "forró" culture, it's rhythm is called "xote". It was made using only dominant chords, exploring the modal tendency of this music. It's a danceble and enjoyable style.

composed by Rodrigo Simoes

Guitar: Rodrigo Simoes
Sax: Jean-Pierre Zanella
Drums: Fabrice Laurent
Bass: Andre Galamba
Piano: Papacho Sirdey

Label: Multiple Chord Music

BIO Rodrigo Simoes is a composer and arranger who develops a style in between Brazilian music and jazz - brazilian jazz. During his international career, he has performed in China, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Paraguay and United States. The guitarist and mandolinist has already worked with great artists in Brazil (Elza Soares, Carlos Malta, Paulinho da Viola, Dominguinhos, Zeca Baleiro an... more
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