July 07/11/23, 2023
Michel Neray Comes Alive on  “The Road” from debut LP As a singer-songwriter, Michel combines the lyrical sensibilities of Leonard Cohen, the musical styling of Jason Isbell, and the vocal versatility of Billy Joel. His songs are musical journeys that dig deep into the human experience, with ear worm worthy melodies and quirky, intelligent lyrics.

As a professional motivational speaker, Michel also peppers his live shows with stories and conversation that keep the audience engaged beyond the music.

Michel’s debut LP Kiss The Rock comes from an at first contradictory kayaking method. When you are in white water and approaching a jutting rock your instinct is to paddle away from the impediment, in reality the safest method is to lean into contact with the rock and let the current push you to its side. The metaphor of kissing the rock to life is all about embracing our challenges.

The collection of songs is a dynamic blend of Americana and singer-songwriter, where Michel’s unique artistic voice and inspirations meld. Focus single “The Road” is a reflective and vulnerable track, whilst being driving in tone and cathartic in meaning. An allegory to our personal journey as we travel through existence often in an uncertain space.

“we are all ‘driving through the night with one headlight, but it’s better than driving blind’.”

Listen in here: https://open.spotify.com/album/7jzJWlb4LjNeSMDrf4Kqr6?si=y6qtZ29aQjG4FU3X8hyNfA&nd=1