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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Influence: Asian
Genre: world fusion
About "Calling Voices (feat. Roberto Grilli)"

"How often do we manage to listen to the cries for help that surround us?
How often do we believe that our own cry for help has actually reached someone who is capable of listening?
How often not?
You get the feeling that we're living in a world of people incapable of hearing the voice of someone who, possibly right beside us, is crying out his needs.
If it is tragic to see the needs of a single person go unheard, how terrible is it to realize that the voice of entire nations is unable to reach us?
Sitting in our armchairs we watch the images of a silent film flow by. It is enough for us to look away, even for a moment, and those images, those events, will never have existed."

This musical piece is an internet collaboration where the music of Renato Ventura meets the vocal lines composed and interpreted by Roberto Grilli.