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Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno
About "Mama Aoko"
Mama Aoko.
The story of my life starts right at the beginning with Mama Aoko, who I barely knew because she died while I was still very young. But I’ve heard so much about you, and continue to hear so much it is easy to contrive an image of you. In my mind you are Pamba Oluoro Chilo (Aoko Pamba), you are pure and white like cotton wool.

Rapasa is a singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist, music educator and contemporary dancer. He is an advocate of traditional music. He plays several indigenous instruments to East Africa. His principal instrument is nyatiti, an eight-string lyre which has travelled along the Nile with the Lüo community who plays this instrument and whose people have now settled along the shores of Nam Lolwe... more
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