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June 06/18/13, 2013
RSVP In Europe

RSVP -22h30 stage 29-06-2013

Whopa Bhangra-style! If you are looking for an energetic, interactive and fun experience then the Bhangra Indian - English group RSVP definitely for you! Bhangra is a mix of classical Indian music with the latest in what the world has to offer. This group sets the Minnewaterpark ablaze, upside down and back again. This is guaranteed one of the finest valves Party in the Park ever!


RSVP are spearheading the renaissance of live Bhangra music in the UK, and introducing Bhangra music and dance to mainstream audiences across the South, Southwest and ever further. From massive stages at Glastonbury (5 years in a row) and Womad, to other festivals and concert venues around the country, they're always guaranteed to get even the most reluctant on their feet, and leave audiences breathless with excitement. Every show comes with an introduction to Bhangra dance - everyone's included with RSVP's emphasis on partying Punjabi style. With musicians drawn from one family, wholly rooted in an authentic living tradition, yet unafraid to innovate and mix it with western influence, this is the ultimate celebratory Indian music!