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June 06/06/13, 2013
TÉLÉRAMA : Ray Lema & Orchestre Symphonique Universitaire de Brest
Festival du bout du monde - Anne Berthod - Télérama n° 3308

La tête d'affiche

Ray Lema : Le pianiste congolais ouvre le monde symphonique aux polyrythmies africaines dans une création avec l'Orchestre universitaire de Brest.

Du 2 au 4 août | Presqu'île de Crozon (29) | 02 98 27 00 32 | | 28-65 €.


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Ray Lema was born in the former Kingdom of Kongo, in the west of the today called Democratic Republic of Congo. At age of 11 he entered the minor seminary of the White Fathers. He wanted to become a priest. Fate decided otherwise. As soon as they arrived at the seminary the children had to go thourgh aptitude tests, the Fathers quickly noticed the natural dispositions of young Lema for music an... more
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