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May 05/31/13, 2013

Ray Lema comes back  with  « V.S.N.P Very Special New Production » a new album  100 % Jazz ,.

In Quintet, (...) the Congolese pianist and composer pays a tribute to Herbie Hancock  and Fela Kuti.

An nice escape  in a Blue Note way !


Boosted by the jumping bass of Etienne Mbappé "VSNP" is already recognized as one of the best  jazz releases for the beginning  of the year

(Echo Republican)

This VSNP quintet, very jazzistic in its language, recalls and interprets with acuity and acquaintance the energy and elegance of Ray Lema’s composition.(...) The brilliant and percussive play of Lema reaps profit of  the rhythmic duel (Mabppe Etienne, Nicolas Viccaro) on which he leans and builds  simple, efficient and dancing melodies; warmly responded by the brass (Irving Acao, Sylvain Gontard) (**** Jazz magazine, Lorraine Soliman)

At the « New Morning » venue, we will attend the burning wedding between hypersensitive melody and harmonic glitter, musical ingenuity and sweet infectious groove.

(« Humanité » Fara C)

Here he comes wriggling behind his piano, back to the jazz,  the  love of his youth, with a quartet made of young wolves (...) Africa adorned with iridescent shades of Blue Note, a wonderfull challenge.

(Nova - Rémy Kolpa Kopoul )

Ray Lema, is the incredible fate of a child born in a train in Congo DRC, fan of Mozart, future Director of the National Ballet of Zaire and accomplice of Tony Allen and Jean-François Jenny-Clark. His new album V.S.N.P (Very Special New Production) plunges us into a joyful mix of Jazz (&Hard-Bop and Soul) and African music.

(Radio TSF - playlist)

His compositions (...), the flavors of Afro jazz and the groovy rhythms turn the  V.S.N.P (Very Special New production) the beginning of the year’s most joyfull event

(So ​​Jazz - Eric Delhaye)

The result is brilliant of sensibility,  providing us  energy and delight. Superb...

(KR Home Studio magazine)

The jazz offers itself another dimension with this album!


For his new album, "VSNP", Ray Lema took the bet bringing his partners and his numerous fans in a musical journey where the jazz is the common denominator to all his musical experiences. Surrounded by a gang of virtuosos, with Etienne Mbappé on bass, he intends to strength the expression of the black people with all his diversity (...) February 7th, 2013,  the New Morning venue in Paris will welcome respectfully one of  most discreet masters of " The epic of the Negro music ", the too rare Ray Lema !

(RFI - Joe Farmer)