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About "Alone"
Alone is a relaxed Chillout Lounge Music, easy listening, downtempo piece, smooth and jazzy, perfect for an evening relaxing, maybe by a swimming pool in a cocktail bar or on a hot summer's evening sat on the beach watching the sunset.
It has an overall oriental atmosphere and feel, a soft piano which performs the main melody played in the A section, interweaves with a classic synth sound in what could be considered the chorus or the B Section, accompanied by a mixture of soft choral vocal sounds and dreamy synth pads and driven by a fusion of oriental, and latin percussion rythms with a smooth almost R&B Bass line at the centre driving the rhythm section. Definitely one for your summer playlist, that won't pound on your eardrums.
Q Quotes
"How sweet the sound of solitude,
nothing but myself, my thoughts,
and the beating of my own heart."
(Quint S Ence)