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Influence: Asian
Genre: worldmusic
About "Parahyena Ft. Agus Roekmana - Lutung Bingung"

Lutung bingung is one of repertoar music degung classic that adapting from "Lutung Kasarung" story, part of the story taken when Guruminda become a Lutung down to earth, and when he (lutung) come to earth, like confused about that a new place.

In this song, Parahyena is not alone. We are assisted by a guitarist who usually plays classic degung tones, namely Agus Rukmana. He has been exploring, developing and making innovative classic Sundanese tones on classical guitars. Agus Rukmana has also made a recording of souvenirs to 120 countries at the 50th Asia-Africa Summit, at this moment he is devising a method of learning 'ngadegung ku guitar' (playing degung by guitar) and making recordings.

The playing patterns of music performed by Parahyena and Agus Rukmana, Lutung Bingung song are transformed from pelog and gamelan patterns, but the fingering style technique uses modulation to western conventional chord. In practice, the song is cultivated and recorded live. Audio and visual capture is important, so in this song selected live session for the launch of Parahyena’s new single.

Lutung Bingung is a collaboration of various types of art that we feel interesting to combine, as for the wayang (Dalang), Arts Dance, and mapping. Great hope this song is acceptable to all circles, especially people outside tatar sunda. Parahyena and Agus Rukmana want to introduce this technique as a Sunda tone game, and this technique can be applied to any musical instrument.

New single "Lutung Bingung" already be enjoyed on Parahyena Youtube Channel