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Nevesta's Voice
About "Te Orbina"
This melody is rooted in the ancient and non-verbal tradition of joiking. It’s found in the culture of the sami people which inhabits the northern part of both Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Traditionally the joik is a musical manifestation of for example a person, a natural phenomenon or a feeling. We have been told that this joik melody originally was dedicated to an orphan.

Te Orbina, leeloolee loo loo
Yo Orbina, leeloolee loo loo
Ei ole loleelolooloo, loleelolooloo, loleeloloo loo loo

Danish-German vocal trio Nevesta’s Voice gathers, interprets and performs folk songs from the European continent and its borders. Travelling through song traditions from The Middle East and Eastern Europe, through the Baltics to the cold North, the group is driven by a great curiosity for our cultural roots and the people of the past. 

Their debut album ‘Mother Tongues’ is a ... more
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