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Masha Natanson
About "Habarka - Phure Gila"
Performer - Čači Vorba & guests:
Masha Natanson - śpiew, chórki (vocal, back vocals)
Jadwiga Natanson - chórki (back vocals)
Piotr Majczyna - gitara (guitar)
Stanislaw Marinczenko - gitara (guitar)
Robert Brzozowski - kontrabas (double-bass)

from CD "PHURE GILA" ("Old Songs") - compilation with Gypsy music from Poland and neighboring countries.

Idea of the project: Agnieszka Caban.
Publisher: Szkolny Związek Sportowy, 2015.
Photos: Krzysztof Werema Photography.

Album 'Phure Gila' promotes actions in the frame of the project 'Roma - challenges of contemporaneity', co-financed by European Union - European Social Fund.

Masha Natanson comes from a family with multigenerational musical tradition. Her strong passion to traditional music she inherited from her mother, who always sang gypsy and russian songs at home, still, Masha had chosen her own way of musical developement. At the age of 15 she left musical school and her parents' home, moving to the highlands in her search of genuine traditional music of Carpa... more
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