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Marija Vitas
August 08/21/18, 2018
The Beauty of Simplicity

 A short review of one CD and one concert held on August 10th 2018 in Serbia


August is usually warm in Serbia, but maybe not so wet like this year. People are mostly exhausted during the day, waiting for the evening freshness. If this refreshment is connected with an inspiring open-air concert in a beautiful garden of the old Rančić’s family house that testifies architectural past, and everything is located in a small town of Grocka not far from Belgrade, along the river Danube – then you have a full recovery treatment. It was even easy to forget mosquito bites after the first few convincing tones performed by brother and sister known on the Serbian world music scene under family name Brdarići.

They are both under the age of 30, but already quite well experienced. The concert program showed a great variety of songs and among them we could recognize styles nurtured in the past of everyday life of peasants, as well as in urban tavernas, or within Radio Belgrade. Bojana was authentic in every kind of expression, ranging from sad, slow-moving songs to those that need a full, powerful voice. Her brother Nebojša occasionally played the role of supporting vocal, emphasizing even more as a fantastic musician, playing on several fifes, but giving also the Serbian audience a rare opportunity to listen to the Armenian duduk live in the Serbian song "Poranila kumrija" from Kosovo. The idea is interesting and the result is amazing, what we could already experience on their album Nasleđe (means: Heritage) released in March 2018 (WMAS Records). Both on the album and on the concert, Brdarići had guest musicians (on accordion and guitar), but they didn't make the sound of those few songs more complex and full of details. Not at all, their involvement helped in reaching the perfection of simplicity.






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Bojan Djordjevic
Bojan Djordjevic (08/22/18 16:57)
Hoping to book them for the next year for Todo Mundo festival!
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