About us

Maqam is an arts, music and cultural event management company that was set up in 2012 for a simple goal – to create and get involved with high quality culture and non main-stream events. As simple as that.

Maqam aims and enrich culture and music in the Middle East scene as well as supporting and developing local music talents from Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt mainly. Why? The answer is simple again. We have great talents who are not having proper chances to excel and to be creative with our Connections with Many various cultural networks and hubs in Europe and the Middle East

The company was set up by two young professionals with backgrounds in the field of music and culture. The company founders have had many years of experience in event creation, management and production including; festivals, performing arts, theatre, corporate events, product launches and community projects. This experience gives a fresh and unique perspective in the development and management of events.

Our mission

The mission of is to give local musical talents the opportunity to express themselves and their music through various channels, including live performances, music competitions, album recording, and more. We also aim to introduce a new generation of Arabs to unique cultural experiences. With a little nourishment and guidance these talents can blossom into leading musicians on the regional and international stages.

Our services

We provide full service capabilities to manage and produce high quality cultural events for corporations, associations and organizations, to provide destination management services, to promote Arab heritage and culture worldwide and to create opportunity for musical talents to showcase their music.

our services range from communications, event planning and management, artist management and booking and music distribution and promotion in addition to the Label Maqam which takes care of Many artists CDs and Digital contents amid the growing data and content Piracy.

Our services are as follows:

Event management: With extensive experience in managing a broad range of culture-related events, handles the planning and logistics of festivals, concerts, workshops and other such events.

Our cultural event management work with clients includes stand-alone programs or programs that run simultaneously with major industry. Many clients find linking a major corporate, culturalor fundraising event.Maqamhas been a leader in cultural event management. Our experience and resources help companies and organizations design and execute high profile, high value events that provide lasting benefits and goodwill. We can provide:

Themes your guests and audiencewill remember,

Communications that build excitement and enthusiasm,

Live entertainment and staging that stirs their imagination.

And the logistics and on-site support to carry your event off flawlessly!

In short, our Event Management team will deliver the event you want, on time, on budget, and with a flair that your guests and audience won't soon forget. Put our experience anddedicated resources to work for you.

Music management: As part of the company’s strive to encourage local talent as well as augmenting interest in and attendance of cultural events provides music management services for local artists. This includes supporting the establishment of new bands and groups, creating artist identities, book artists for concerts, and promotion for local and international festivals and performances.

Artist booking: We maintain a diverse database of Jordanian, Arab and international artists and performers who can be booked through for a range of purposes, including corporate or private events, festivals, cultural activities, etc. List appears at the end of the document

Main Project Productions

Maqam was awarded in June 2013, The Project “One Woman-The Arabic Version:”a project by United Nations Women. The Project consists of the Production of a song and a documentary involving 25 well known artists from the Arab region to promote the Global Women rights and Women empowerment. Artists include Charbel Rouhana, Macadi Nahhas, Rasha Rizk, Abir Nehme, Farida Mohamad Ali, Reem Talhamy, Hoda Abdallah, Oum, Ines Belouiny, Aroub Soboh, and Mike Massy.

The Project was launched early 8 March 2014 in Cairo Opera house and will be launched at the UN General Assembly in New York

“Jowwa al ahlam” The Muppet show by Macadi Nahhas

Macadi Nahhas, a prolific Jordanian Folk and Jazz singer produced in 2010 a family album where many Arab virtues and messages were presented to kids through an interactive colourful album. The album received excellent reviews and critics and a theatrical play was made by maqam which was transformed into a Muppet show. The show was sponsored by Jordanian Telecom Mogul Zain for three shows which will be presented end of August 2013 in front of thousands of kids in three different malls in Amman. The Show will roam the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan to under privileged villages and will involve rural and other municipalities

Production of Macadi Nahhas Album 2014

NOUR (Macadi Nahhas's new record) is a subtle mix of styles ranging from Classical oriental to jazzpassing by Latin styles like Bossa Nova and Tango. The mix will however rely heavily on Arabic maqamat and melodic structures. Rhythmically the palette is wide but what is important to producer company Maqam is not to lose the feel that defines us as a region.

With Macadi's beautiful, rich and melodic control and imagination combined with Maqam’s vision and approach; an enchanting experience promising a new fresh sound for the acclaimed singer, is on the horizon. Macadi’s fifth album will embark a new era in her career where she composes and even arranges most of the songs in the album. Stay tuned for an enchanting and exhilarating Album which will re-define Macadi again on the artistic and cultural scene in the Arab scene and internationally too.

Various Concerts and events with Jordanian Singer Macadi Nahhas

Being the Sole Producer and Tour Manager of Macadi Nahhas, Maqam produces and sponsors all tours and concerts involving at performance of Prolific Jordanian Macadi Nahhas

Kahled Al Haber New album Production

A double CD containing The prolific revolutionary icon Best songs throughout more than 40 years of music,