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Congo, Democratic Republic of the (Zaire)
August 08/09/20, 2020
Majoos releases \ Ode to love, travel in space and time!

After the successful collaborations with two legends of congolese music Deception with Mbila Bel and Abomi Nga with Ferre Gola, Majoos invites you to discover his new solo single Lova Lova.

This production, which comes to us as humanity faces the COVID-19 pandemic, comes down to " love, beauty and passion".

In a catchy rhythm, Lova Lova , is a declaration of love, in a subtle mix of current rhythms, African sounds, punctuated by Afro-Caribbean touches.

In fact, the artist slips a tribute to the legendary Shabba Ranks and his famous title Mr. Loverman.

The single is already available on major online music platforms. The video is also available on Youtube.

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