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About "Phaeton"
Tidal locking is the reason why we always see one side of the moon. In this album the artist makes a cultural analogy between this scientific fact and the coexistence of cultures. In today's world we might say that all cultures are tidally locked; As we have so many similarities and connected to each other.

Murat Ses is a Turkish-Austrian keyboard player and composer with strong Eurasian electronic elements. He is creator of the Anadolu Pop™ style, a synthesis of Anatolian Music and Western elements that has been influencing Turkish music scene for decades.
His album Danses et Rythmes de la Turquie d'hier à aujourd'hui was awarded the Grand Prix du Disque by the Charles Cros Academie in Paris, France In the early 1990s Murat Ses developed a musical style he terms Electric Levantine™. The main elements of the style are microtonal properties created on authentic Levantine scales, electronically produced instrument timbres and Western music. It's an experimental form of Anadolu Pop.

All tracks composed/performed by Murat Ses
Special thanks to ÖpBe aka Nihal Ses for ideas that flowed into the tracks and for field recordings and post-production help.