May 05/25/23, 2023
PREMIERE: NEW VIDEO IS RELEASED My tribute to 3 GENII of Armenian origin from Tiflis, a town where a poet-musician, a painter and a film director were desperately longing for beauty in (respectively) 3 consecutive centuries-18th, 19th and 20th!
SAYAT-NOVA: Kani Vur Jan Im/ As long as I live...
Folk-rock rendition & Video Collage by Lucineh Hovanissian © 2023
Visuals: from ''Hakob Hovnatanian''(short, 1967) by Sergei Parajanov
The song was in the TOP 40 on Ethnocloud for many months
NOW ENJOY THE VIDEO MADE OF STUNNING “FRAMES” by Hakob HOVNATANIAN, dubbed “The Raphael of Tiflis”, and Sergei PARAJANOV- the poet in cinema!