March 03/23/22, 2022
Homage to Sergei Parajanov and Sayat Nova Dear friends, colleagues, musicians and music lovers,I want to thank you all, to inspire me with your great appreciation. A song that I recorded many years ago became one of your favorites! 'Yis Ku Khimetn Chim Gidi', the folk-rock cover of a love ballad by XVIII c. bard Sayat-Nova, was and is in the Top 40 for many consecutive months, so I decided to make a video of this song.
Few of you might know that the hero of the famous movie 'The Color of Pomegranates' of Sergei Parajanov is the very same Sayat-Nova- the famous Armenian bard from 18th century!
I edited a video, using magnificent visuals from this cinematic masterpiece, and also added some more frames from Polish-British producer-filmmaker Daniel Bird's installation from unused footage from 'The Color of Pomegranates'. This installation called 'Temple of Cinema' was held in Yerevan, in 2019.
Thanks again and enjoy!

Ps.I am often asked about the lyrics... ET VOILA!
Don’t know how precious you are,
Like a gem you are,
The one who sees you, becomes like Majnun,
In the image of Layla you are.
Sayat-Nova, 18th cc.
Յիս քու ղիմէթըն չիմ գիդի`
Ջավահիր քարի նըման իս.
Տեսնողին Մէջլում կու շինիս`
Լէյլու դիդարի նըման իս:
Սայաթ-Նովա, XVIIIդ.