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Lucie Périer
October 10/15/18, 2018
[SOUNDCLOUD RELEASE] Flute player Lucie Périer releases Breton music from the Tropics

Lucie Périer releases new traditional sounds with Caledonia based Keveiled Trio : Breton traditional sounds from the Pacific area.


New Sounds from Caledonia : Keveiled Trio

Having spent most of her musical life living in Rennes, a place where irish and breton music are thriving, Lucie Périer crossed the borders and flew 10000 miles away from her homeland to New Caledonia for a one-year in-depth journey into the maze of world music in the Pacific area.

There, not one month after she set foot on the island, she was already playing on TV with one of Caledonia's most beautiful voice, Rosi Garrido, then played dozens of gigs with her husband, banjo and box player Nicolas Delatouche, and started working with cello player Jérôme Marchand and guitar player Yvonick Fortin. Together they were quickly asked to play for « La Fête de la Bretagne » in Nouméa and therefore formedthe band Keveiled Trio : a breton music band, playing traditional tunes from the breton repertoire as they were passed on to Lucie by masters like Jean-Michel Veillon, but also Lucie's own compositions.


Keveiled Trio were quickly encouraged to record some tunes and they release this week three pieces of their repertoire. Their music is deeply rooted in tradition, enriched by the deep low chords of the cello, as the guitar provides a delicate accompaniment. Both instruments respond to the singing flute and highlight the melody through rhythmic and harmonic lines that enhance the dancing.


About Lucie Périer – background and work

Flute player Lucie Périer is renowned for her use of silver boehm flute on traditional repertoire both on Irish music, and breton and french folk music for dancing. She has toured extensively in France with Normandy-based folk band Les Round'Baleurs, as well as fest-noz band and award-winner Trio Tarare.

Born to a very musical family steeped in Irish traditional music, Lucie defines Irish music as her « native » musical language, as she was taught her first tunes by her father, fiddle and box player Christian Périer, and her first songs by her mother Jacqueline Fontanel. Based in Saint-Lô, Normandy, the family founded in 1995 a non-profit organisation called Shanaghy, to promote Irish culture in memory of the Irish Red Cross Hospital set up right after WW2 bombings in June 1944. Twenty years later, Lucie took over her parents' mission and organized a series of events pertaining Irish Cutlure : concerts, film projections, conferences, irish music workshops and Irish sessions.

She is now a regarded as a skilled, sensitive and versatile musician, is also a demanded teacher in New Caledonia, having founded her own traditional music school L'Ecole Anémochore.  


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I ssue d’une famille de musiciens férus de musique irlandaise, Lucie découvre la flûte traversière à l’âge de 11 ans bercée par les groupes cultes du renouveau celtique des années 70, notamment The Bothy Band et Cherish the Ladies. Entourée de musiciens d'univers différents, Lucie se passionne pour cet instrument à travers le jazz mais c’est la rencontre en 2003 ... more
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