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Lakhdar Hanou Ensemble
November 11/22/15, 2015

Lakhdar Hanou directed and took the artistic direction of the album "Do-it was in china" which essentially contains its oriental compositions.
A string ensemble and dynamic percussion and unlikely in an expression both tinged influenced traditions of Sufism, but also contemporary originality. There are also Arabic singing the verb and therefore a fortiori poetry, like that of Mahmoud Darwish or Ibn Arabi who are willing to testify as to excel and overcome, relationship to the loved one is still our then one of the best ways to achieve it.
As a tale with a defined framework but leaving room for improvisation, music Lakhdar Hanou speaks with a modal voice, a dreamy melody. The musicians of all performers are mostly derived from different backgrounds but with a link to the Arab and oriental music, they bring in chapter experience and sensitivity. The characteristic of modal music is to play the same melody but according to his own interpretation, making it one of the paris of this album, from universal protagonists with different backgrounds and experiences.
Album release in December 2015


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