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Kusumgboo Dance Ensemble


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Aleks (10/24/17 16:01)
Hi Kusumgboo Dance Ensemble,

Hope you will upload some music/performances. It will be a great contribution to this site.

Thank you.
Kusumgboo Dance Ensemble
Kusumgboo Dance Ensemble (10/24/17 14:52)

The Kusumgbo Dance Ensemble is a registered professional performing arts group from Ghana- West Africa. Their various arts include; African folklore music, African drumming, dance, and drama.

Founded two decades ago, the ensemble has gone through a series of transformations, while the mission of the ensemble has been constant; to entertain, promote and sustain African culture by presenting African music, drumming and dance that illuminate the richness and diversity of African traditional values.

The Kusumgbo Dance Ensemble can boast over Twenty (20) traditional African choreographed music and dance pieces that are accompanied by authentic African Drum Rhythms in their diverse repertoire. These include dramatic infusions of traditional dances from Ghana, Togo, Senegal, Benin, Kenya, Guinea, Uganda, South Africa, Botswana and many more.

The ensemble has gained wide recognition throughout Ghana, the West African Sub Region, Europe and the United States of America; presenting authentic and professional performances internationally, holding workshops and seminars on African culture in numerous schools, colleges and universities in Europe and the United States of America respectively.

The ensemble represented Ghana in the 2001 festival �Mundial�, a large scale multicultural festival held in the Netherlands. The performance tour comprised over 120 performances as well as workshops throughout the Netherlands. The performances were done along side Senegalese singer Baba Maal and other renowned artistes. The ensemble dazzled audiences in over sixty venues through out the country and also had the privilege to hold performance tours in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and many other European countries.
As one of the most popular dance companies in Ghana today, Kusumgbo
Dance Ensemble has made appearances in cultural festivals and other
international events both in Ghana and overseas respectively. The
group had also organized and directed workshops and seminars in Ghana
and Europe as well.

The Kusumgbo Dance Ensemble has close contacts with the Netherlands,
having toured several there several times and represented Ghana in the
festival Mundial of 2001, 2003, 2005 and also Estonia in 2006 for the
Midwinter Nights Dream Theater Festival and and Dubai Festival of Arts
in 2007 respectively.

The Ensemble has also performed with great success Norway, having been
named the hottest group in the world music and dance scene in 2003 in
addition to a live show broadcast on Scandinavian televisions.

The Ensemble had to its credit three different CD's named as follows,
"Dekaworwor" ,"Worminba", "Akrowasei".
In all the mission of Kusumgbo Dance Ensemble is to promote African
Cultures and Traditions by presenting music and dance pieces that
illuminates the richness , diversity and beauty of African traditions
and cultures as a whole.


5/2/87-9/2/87 University of Norway, Oslo Nordic Black Theatre School

5/29/88-9/30/88 University of Norway Oslo

5/1/89-7/7/89 Norwegian Council For Cultural Affairs, Oslo

8/2/90-8/31/90 National Radio of Norway, Oslo

9/1/90-9/29/90 Nordic Black Theatre School, Oslo

5/31/92-12/1/92 University of Vienna Vienna Afro-Asiatatisches Institute Wien

2/3/93-12/29/93 Norwegian Council (Long Term Workshop) For Cultural Affairs Oslo

1/2/94-12/31/99 University of Norway, Oslo (long term workshop)

6/30/00-7/31/00 Festival Mundial Amsterdam

8/30/00-10/1/00 Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deng Haag

1/2/01-10/3/01 University of Maastricht

11/31/03 Maastricht ( Three Years Intensive Workshop) Cosmopolite Concert Oslo

6/30/04-5/30/04 Festival Mundial Amsterdam

8/2/04-12/30/04 University of Maastricht

1/4/05-12/04/05 Maastricht University of Oslo

5/3/06-6/4/06 (One Intensive Workshop) Estonia National Tallin

6/30/06-7/31/06 Cultural Centre Festival Mundial Amsterdam

5/1/07-5/14/07Dubai Festival City Dubai

6/30/07-7/31/07 Festival Mundial Amsterdam
19/10/17 Labadi Beach Hotel Ghana (1st Genearl Insurance Conference-Ghana)

Summary African Dances Pieces By The Group
The Ensemble performs West African traditional rhythms. These performances are perfect for international festivals, hotels, resorts, receptions, background music and folk music settings. It is also suitable for outdoor events, parties, weddings and also where loud and energetic music is welcome.

Drumming and Dance:
The Ensemble presents colorful and high energy African percussion and dance with vibrant West African costumes and rhythms.

African folk music and ballet: Musicians from the Ensemble play acoustic instruments and sing authentic African songs. In relation to African Ballet performances and presentations, the Ensemble performs full scale choreographed African dance ballet. Traditional African Music, colorful and vibrant costumes, sets and create the stage for a storyline, exploring African Culture, legends and experiences.

Popular African Dances From The Ensemble:

Dances from Benin, Ghana and Togo, Agbadza. Agbadza is among the oldest musical types performed by the Southern Ewe of Ghana, Togo, Benin, and parts of Southwestern Nigeria. Agbadza is derived from an older war dance known as Atrikpui. As social and recreational music and dance, its performance is open to everybody in the community, irrespective of class, age, sex, and religion. There are other varieties of this musical type that have different names: Kini, Akpoka, Ageshie, and Agba-- tempobeingthe main distinguishing factor among these varieties.
There are five sections or movements in Agbadza performance:
1. Banyinyi- a short introductory piece that is performed as a prayer to the gods and the ancestors.
2. Vutsotso - the main dance section.
3. Adzo- a less-vigorous dance section, during which only the master drum, Sogo, accompanied by Gankogui and Axatse are used.
4. Hatsiatsia- song cycle, during which topical, historical, philosophical, and reflective songs are performed accompanied by Gankogui and Atoke.
5. Vutsotso- another round of the main dance section, which may last for several hours.

Agbaei: Agbaei is another social music and dance of the Krobo of Ghana. It is
flirtatious in nature. Oral history has it that Agbaei was founded when the elders of the Krobo land in their early days of settlement realized that the youth were having problems with "Dating." The young men and women were therefore compelled to participate in this music and dance so that they can gather some tips to help them in real life situations.

Adowa: Adowa is by far the most widespread and frequently performed social dance
of the Akan people of Ghana. The Akan are located in Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Eastern, Central and parts of the Volta Regions of Ghana. It is best described in Akan musical traditions as a women's dance because they dominate the performance. The few men that are seen during any performance handle the musical instruments. This dance is mostly performed at funerals, but can also be seen at yearly festivals, visits of important dignitaries, and other celebrations.

Adzogbo: Adzogbo originated from Benin (Dahomey) as a Dzovu (spiritual/religious)
music and dance). It was called Dzovu, in that during any performance, the men participants would display their dzoka (juju/charms) especially the so-called "love charms" to seduce women. When this music was brought to Togo and later Ghana in the late 19th century, its function changed. The southeastern Ewe of Ghana now performs it for entertainment during festivals and other social occasions. The women's' section or phase of the dance is called Kadodo.

Atsiagbekor: Atsiagbekor is among the oldest traditional dances of the Ewe-speaking
people of Southern Ghana, Togo, and Benin. Originally a war dance performed after battle when the warriors returned to the village, it is now performed on many social occasions. One of the outstanding features of the dance is the interaction between the master drummer and the dancers: 'every rhythmic theme played on the master drum has a corresponding sequence of dance movements which is timed to precisely match the drum rhythms" (Locke, 1978).

Technical Rider of Kusumgboo Dance Ensemble:

1 .Sound System - The client will supply professional sound system adequate for the performance including; five (5) microphones, including one cordless microphone on boom stand with attachments in working order. Two stages monitors facing Artistes at high volume level during dance sequences. A qualified sound technician familiar with the system's operation.

2. Lighting and staging - Fog/Smoke machine. Black Light, strobe light, stationery spot light, follow spot light, gel lighting: red, blue, green and amber. Clear exit lanes stage left and right, as well as access behind stage from one side to the other. Stage dimension should be sizeable for the Artistes performances.

3. Dressing room - The Client will provide a clean private dressing room /warm up room that is readily accessible to the stage. Dressing room shall be locked or guarded when Artistes is on stage. Dressing room shall have mirrors, running water, soaps, at least eight chairs, at least nine clean towels and if possible showers.

4. Sound check - A sound check will be required on the day of performance. After stage is set and all equipment is in operating order, sound check should last no longer than ninety (90) minutes; in most cases sixty (60) minutes. Sound check will be completed to Artistes satisfaction before opening of the house. In case of performances in multiple venues over multiple days, only one sound check will required before the first performance at each venue.

5. Hospitality - If simple hospitality is provided to Artistes during performances, Artistes would appreciate simple selection of crackers, breads, cheese, fruits and assorted fruit juices. Bottles of drinking water would also be well appreciated.

6. Merchendise - Artistes shall have the sole and exclusive right, but not the obligation to sell compact discs, tapes and any other items related to the Artistes performances before and after the show and during intermission.

7. Press - The Client will make every reasonable effort to secure reviews and to forward any copies of reviews or feature articles in local newspapers to the Artistes Management.
Thank you for your cooperation.
MOB: 00233-(0) 55 8242836
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