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About "Mountain Water"
We proudly present the next single „Mountain Water” from our new album „Seven” 2023, who will recorded this year. This tune has been implemented with the help and support of MUSICAUTOR BG.
The guys who involve in the music are:
Kiril Kuzmanov - flute,
Krasi Jeliazkov - BG tamboura,
Pavel Tzonev - keyboards,
Radoslav Slavchev/Riverman - bass guitar,
Lenos Rousos - drums
Krassi Jeliazkov - music & arrangement
John Valeri Milovanski - mixing and mastering
S.A.S. Stef Art Stone - Cover Picture
This is the cover of our new album "SEVEN" 2023, which we are currently recording.The symbol depicted on the cover of our album "Seven" is the most popular and ancient motif in Bulgarian needlework called ELBETITSA. Encoded in the motifs of this solar symbol are messages of harmony in the family, home and community, and contains a wish for health, fertility and prosperity. The Elbetitsa, called "rodjeta" in embroideries, has an energy protective function and protects against diseases and bad influences.
We wish you a pleasant listening experience. Please, don't spare your applause for the solos you like.