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Influence: North American
About "The View from Six Feet Under"
Recently, there was an untimely death in my close family.
(Is there such a thing as a ‘timely’ death?)
I have never dealt well with the notion of end-of-life.
(Maybe, nobody does?)
When the urn/ casket is ceremoniously placed in the ground, does the spirit/ soul/ essence/ consciousness of that unique individual live on in some unique manifestation?
(I want to believe that is the case.)

Hence, the confusing musical/ visual message of this composition.
If, in death, there is a transition to a new way of being, the interim unknown must be staggering.
I hope all our dear friends and family meet again, and share a beer, on the “other side”.

Kluane: Ambient guitars
James Hill: Trumpet

Thanks to Steve Delorme from ‘Up Digital Marketing’ for his artistic video editing. Clips courtesy of