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Influence: North American
About "The First Step Is The Hardest"
The First Step Is the Hardest (single)
Judson Hurd
2016 / Judson Hurd

The First Step Is the Hardest is a new single release from pianist/composer Judson Hurd. Hurd’s previous releases have been solo piano, but this time he is trying a more ambient, synth-driven approach, which works very well. The almost 8 1/2 minute piece has an atmospheric synth drone that runs in the background throughout the piece while piano, keyboard, and guitars alternate in the more serene foreground. The piece has a visual cinematic sweep to it, but since Hurd composes a lot of his music for film and television, this makes sense! I am very impressed with this new music and look forward to seeing what Hurd does on his next full-length album, due out later this year. The First Step Is the Hardest is available for download from iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. Check it out!

Kathy Parsons